Faust-Man Between God And The Devil

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The ‘Faust’ show is based on motifs from J.W. Goethe’s classic work. The transferral of the classic material into the world of the Black Light Theatre was the basis for an original work sensitively combining black-light theatre with musical-type melodies, dynamic choreography, projections and original incidental music, successfully supplementing the still-relevant story of a man yearning for knowledge, power and immortality, and the price he paid for it.

The creators of the show drew inspiration not only from the still-relevant text, but also from the poetry of traditional Czech marionette plays. The supporting theme opened up for the authors a wide scope for use of black-light theatre effects, which assume a perfect command of technical, lighting and sound concepts.

The Faust Legend

Faust longs for absolute knowledge, beauty and power. He seeks fulfilment of his desire in magic – but he cannot know everything. He often speaks with the Devil, Mephistopheles – but even he is not able to answer all of Faust’s questions. He then agrees to a contract with Faust. The Devil will serve Faust for 24 years and through his power, Faust will gain all earthly knowledge, youth, beauty and power. However, Faust soon realises that even a contract with the Devil does not bring the expected fulfilment of his desires, and the answers to the basic questions of existence still elude him. The contract with the Devil finally expires, and Faust is consigned to Hell. But will he be saved by true love?

The legendary Faust character is based on a real historical figure, Dr. Johannes Faust (c. 1480–1540), a medieval German alchemist, about whom tales of a union with the Devil were circulating even during his lifetime. This legend has been treated many times in literature. One of the oldest is the German version from 1578, „Historie von D. Johann Fausten“. Well-known too are, for example, the treatments by the English playwright Christopher Marlowe – „The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus“ (play, c. 1600), or “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang Goethe (dramatic poem, 1st part 1806, 2nd part 1832).

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