Charlotte: A Tri-Coloured Play with Music

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420 Kč520 Kč Buy tickets

“Works like CHARLOTTE: a Tri-Coloured Play with Music, giving us new windows on times we don’t want to return to, are essential to the survival of the human spirit.”

  • WHOLENOTE, Canada

★★★★ – „Charlotte Salomon's auto­biographical work explodes onto the stage in glorious tri-colour.“


„Life?or Theatre?“ is the name that Berlin born Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon gave to a sequence of nearly 800 gouaches accompanied by text and musical references that she produced between 1941 and 1942. Before her deportation to Auschwitz at age 26, she handed the work to a local physician, with the message: „Take good care of this… it is my whole life.“ Charlotte chronicled the inner life of a young woman coming of age during the rise of Nazism and under the shadow of family suicides.
Charlotte: A Tri-Coloured Play with Music is a multi-national collaboration with a core creative team from Czech Republic, Canada, and the UK, plus seven actor-singers and four musician-performers. The essential quality of our “singspiel” is the total synchronicity of word, image, and music, creating an art installation through which Salomon's paintings are given "a vivid life in the theatre.“ (Jewish Renaissance Magazine, UK)
This production is based on ‘Leben oder Theater?, ein Singespiel’ (Life or Theatre?) a dramatized autobiography in 796 gouaches by Charlotte Salomon (Berlin 1917– Auschwitz 1943). ‘Leben oder Theater?, ein Singespiel’ by Charlotte Salomon is part of the collection of the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam.

Music: Aleš Březina
Libretto: Alon Nashman
Sets and Director: Pamela Howard
Lighting design: Marie-Josée Chartier
Creation production: Peter Tiefenbach
Assistant stage director: Leora Morris
Instrumental ensemble: Peter Tiefenbach, Ben Promane, Michele Verheul, Kimberly Jeong

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