The Tempest

Estate theatre

Prague Shakespeare Company

“By accident most strange, bountiful fortune, now have mine enemies brought to this shore.” Isolated on an island for twelve years, the wizard Prospero finally has the opportunity to use his power to work revenge on those who betrayed and attempted to destroy him. Don’t miss this beautiful interpretation of what is arguably Shakespeare’s most spectacular play. Director Carolyn Johnson adds a new dimension to this classic story of power, revenge and forgiveness with Jim Johnson as Prospero alongside an ensemble of from the PSC 2019 Summer Shakespeare Intensive training program.

90 minutes without an interval.

Performed in English.

About Prague Shakespeare Company
The Prague Shakespeare Company presents professional theatre productions, workshops, classes, lectures and other theatrical events of the highest quality, conducted primarily in English by a multinational ensemble of professional theatre artists with an emphasis on the plays of William Shakespeare. As the premiere English-language classical theatre company in continental Europe, Prague Shakespeare Company brings to Czech, European and international audiences performances that are fresh, bold, imaginative, thought-provoking, and eminently accessible, connecting the truths of the past with the challenges and possibilities of today.

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Estate theatre

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