Fireflies (J. Jirásek)

Estate theatre

Festival of Music Theater OPERA 2020

The Fireflies by Jan Karafiát from 1876 belong to the essential works of Czech literature for children. It was thus expected that a number of stage drama, opera, ballet and film productions would take place. Composer Jan Jirásek and his librettist Tomáš Jarkovský created a new production of this popular story for the Pilsen opera. The aim of the new opera is to create a family performance for both young and older audiences who will learn a lot from the story of small beetles and their world, which intertwines with the world of people. Besides the opera soloists, the production will also feature a large choir, a children's choir, a ballet and a children's ballet.

Performed in Czech, with Czech and German subtitles

Approximate running time, including intermission: 2 hours

World premiere: October 12, 2019, The Grand Theatre, Pilsen

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Estate theatre

Ovocný trh
Praha 1