Mozart’s Zaide will be performed for the very first time in the history of the National Theatre.
Concert performances on 10 and 13 April 2020 at the Estates Theatre

The performance of Zaide will feature an international cast of soloists, including Lada Bočková, Joel Prieto, Thomas Atkins, Boris Prýgl and Levente Páll. The music has been explored by the English conductor Christopher Moulds, a distinguished specialist in Baroque and Classical music.

Yet after completing 15 musical numbers he, for reasons unknown, set the score aside and would never finish it. The libretto has not survived, so it is not clear how Mozart’s opera was to end, thus raising the question: does the lovelorn Sultan have the heroine and her secret lover executed for their attempt to flee or does he magnanimously pardon them? Mozart would only provide the answer in the later, much more renowned, Die Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio), a singspiel treating a very similar story, conceiving the heroine in a very similar manner, and even featuring the figure and name of Osmin, the gruff overseer. Even though unfinished, Zaide shows that Mozart was a true master of music drama long before he created his most celebrated Vienna and Prague operas.

The concert performance of the surviving arias and ensembles from the opera will be supplemented by Mozart’s Symphony No. 34 in C major, written in 1780, the year from which Zaide too dates. Its three movements will be played as an overture, intermezzo and finale in three parts of the opera evening.

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