MUSICAL CELEBRATION - Music from film & musical

Obecní dům - Smetanova síň

Music from film & musical
The Ettens Male Voice Choir, conductor Nick Moritz

The Dutch All Saxophone Orchestra, conductor Karl Veen

Vocal soloist Armanda ten Brink

Music from film and musicals always appeals to the imagination of a large and young audience. During this concert you can enjoy beautiful musical compositions.

Classics such as Bohemian Rhapsody, music from the famous John Williams, a celebration to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals, music from the Lion King and the popular Netflix series Casa del Papel.

But also music from Dvorak, the tango and the Radetsky Marsch are on the program.

You will be surprised with how much power and passion the impressive choir will sing. The choir is assisted by a Unique Saxophone orchestra. The orchestra will certainly surprise you with this very versatile instrument.

In short, a very versatile concert in one of Prague's most beautiful concert halls!


  1. The Conquest of Paradise – Famous Vangelis music from the movie 1492 about the discovery of America. A compelling melody above one driven pulse.
  2. First part of the Serenade opus 44 from Antonin Dvorak – Delicious music from a great Czech composer
  3. Dry your tears Africa – Exciting music that the famous film composer John Williams wrote for Steven's Amistad film Spielberg. The slaves who were taken from Africa think back with love to their home country
  4. Baba Yetu- Exciting music on a prayer in Swahili, often used to create atmosphere in the movie Lion King
  5. Bohemian Rhapsody – The most famous song from Queen with the unforgettable Freddie Mercury
  6. Who wants to live forever – Freddie Mercury did not have the eternal, but who would want that?
  7. Oblivion- Time for reflection. Plenty of emotion in the moving music by Astor Piazzolla and the sounds by soloist Karl Veen
  8. Bella Ciao – An old partisan song that again became known as title music in the Netflix series Casa del Papel
  9. My heart will go on – Gripping music from the movie Titanic. Sung with a lot of feeling by soloist Armanda ten Brink
  10. Libertango – Astor Piazzolla is the uncrowned king of tango, the music style that he gave a completely unique twist.
  11. Radetzky Marsch – Perhaps the most beloved marching music in the world
  12. Hongaarse Dans nr. 1. – Johannes Brahms wrote with his Hungarian dance as virtuoso as uplifting music
  13. Lloyd Webber Celebration – Loved and recognizable, the best music from famous musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Obecní dům - Smetanova síň

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