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Wonderful Circus had its premiere way back in 1977, and since that time has been the most-performed title of Laterna Magika. In March 2012 we celebrated 35 years of uniterrupted presentation of this piece with more than 6 100 re-runs. In the current repertoire it is also the most typical sample of the art of Laterna Magika: a work by a great creative team that synthesizes various components of theatre. Theatrical space is transformed into a circus tent, and the audience is drawn into the action by, among other devices, a panoramic projected picture and popular tricks involving interpenetration of imagination and reality. This poetic story about a futile quest for the unachievable is embodied by figures of clowns incited by a magician – the Seducer – and a vision of the beautiful Venus, who takes on the forms of earthly women.
The spiritual father of the presentation was a remarkable director Evald Schorm alongside with the long-time head of Laterna Magika, the world-famous Czech theatrical architect Josef Svoboda, who applied his fantasy to the stage of Laterna Magika until the end of his life. Also sharing in the presentation were for example Jan Švankmajer (as author of the scenario and stage director), Jiři Srnec (otherwise known as the founder of Czech black theatre), the film cameraman Emil Sirotek, and choreographers Karel Vrtiška, Vlastimil Jílek, Jíří Hrabal, Josef Koníček and František Pokorný. Yet another well-known name among the collaborators is that of the visual artist and illustrator Zdenek Seydl, who has worked with many theatres. The presentation has a suggestion of Czech ‘poetism’, thanks in part to the stylization of its characters into a circus environment. The audience can be entertained while also gaining a deep understanding of the human soul.Running time: 100 minutes

Cheerful Clown – Pavel Bilík / Jan Kotěšovský / David Stránský
Sad Clown – Pavel Knolle / Alexandr Volný / Jakub Zapletal
Seducer – Ivo Jirásek / Petr Münch / Milan Odstrčil
Venus – Veronika Blažejovská / Radka Slatinská
First Muse – Veronika Blažejovská / Eva Horáková / Viktorie Vrublevská
Second Muse – Veronika Blažejovská / Anna Dvořáková / Viktorie Vrublevská / Eva Zápotocká
Third Muse – Veronika Blažejovská / Zuzana Herényiová / Tereza Chábová / Eva Zápotocká
Fourth Muse – Zuzana Herényiová / Eva Horáková / Daniela Koutná / Radka Slatinská
Others – Anna Dvořáková / Jan Kotěšovský / David Stránský / Petr Münch / Milan Odstrčil / Daniela Koutná / Zuzana Hrzalová / Eva Zápotocká / Jakub Zapletal / Veronika Blažejovská / Viktorie Vrublevská / Radka Slatinská / Zuzana Herényiová / Eva Horáková / Štěpán Pechar / Tereza Chábová / Libor Kettner / Lucie Šturcová

Wonderful Circus
Laterna Magika

Theme: Evald Schorm
Screenplay: Evald Schorm, Emil Sirotek, Jiří Srnec, Josef Svoboda, Jan Švankmajer, Karel Vrtiška
Stage director: Evald Schorm, Jiří Srnec, Jan Švankmajer
Sets: Josef Svoboda
Costumes: Zdenek Seydl
Camera: Emil Sirotek
Edit: Alois Fišárek
Choreography: Karel Vrtiška, Jiří Hrabal, Vlastimil Jílek, Josef Koníček, František Pokorný
Music: Oldřich František Korte, Vlastimil Hála, Jaroslav Krček, Jiří Srnec
Masks: Zdenek Seydl
Sound-design: Ivo Špalj

© Laterna Magika

© Laterna Magika

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