Royal Czech Orchestra

Palace Colloredo-Mansfeld

Royal Czech Orchestra
Stanislava Jirku – soprano (Stanislava Jirku is one of the most acclaimed soloists of the Czech National Theatre.)
Igor Lecian – violin solo

In the Colloredo Mansfeld palace with the famous ceiling, where Milos
Forman filmed in 1983 Oscar winning AMADEUS
and where 200 years before Mozart actually performed himself.
 – directly at the Charles bridge


Vivaldi The Four Seasons spring and summer
Händel Largo from Xerxes
Mozart Requiem – Lacrimosa
Famous aria from Figaro
Beethoven Symphony No. 5 (Destiny) – Allegro
Bach Air On The G string
Bizet Carmen Fantasie
Smetana The Moldau
Dvorak Waltz in D major

duration 65 minutes

Venue info

Palace Colloredo-Mansfeld

Karlova 2
Praha 1