Pavel Vondráček - Love Stories Tour Praha

St. Lawrence Church

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Unforgettable concert tour of the young star pianist and composer stops in Prague's St. Lawrence Church on Tuesday September 29th, 2020. In the hauntingly beautiful architectonical setting you may enjoy the modern classical, popular and purely classical compositions from the previous two albums of Pavel Vondráček, but also lots of covers and interpretations.
Pavel Vondráček is deservedly among the most talented Czech pianists of this generation. At the age of 3, Pavel started with the first classical compositions on his newly acquired piano. Beginning with purely classical training, at the age of 13 Pavel discovered the charm of improvisation and modern classical genres. After many concerts and recitals Pavel released his very first album called „Lost in the Wind“, which focuses mainly on pop music and offers lots of different approaches to covering a pop song on a single instrument. Not long after releasing his debut, Pavel was accepted to study at the world-renowned pop and jazz music academy in Boston, Berklee College of Music. The latest album, „Love Stories“, was also composed and recorded back in 2015, the final decision to release it was made much later, in 2019. With the album Vondráček launched his very first concert tour, starting with concerts in Poděbrady and Prague. After success in the US Vondráček returns back to the Czech Republic to showcase the album to a wider audience.
Music on the „Love Stories“ album is a personal confession of an artists just discovering his first love relationships. The topic of love is very originally set in a purely instrumental music and gives a lot of imaginery and freedom to the listener. „Audience should expect about 90 minutes of beautiful piano music. Together with my guests on violins and pianists we perform music from my two albums, but also music by Yiruma, Ludovico Einaudi, Fryderyk Chopin and others. Compared to the traditional concert setting of classical recitals, our tour setting is very unique and should be compared with popular artists instead,“ says Pavel Vondráček, who for his own and original „Love Stories Tour“ prepared an unforgettable evening of enchanting music, breathtaking guest appearances, but also a very strong visual experience.

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St. Lawrence Church

Hellichova 18
Praha - Malá Strana