Brahms - Janáček - Dvořák

State Opera

Johannes Brahms: Vier Gesänge Op. 17 for female chorus, horns and harp
(Jakub Hořejší and Lenka Doležalová – horn, Solenn Grand – harp)

Leoš Janáček: Otčenáš (Our Father) for tenor, mixed chorus, harp a organ
(Solenn Grand – harp, Jan Kalfus – organ)

Antonín Dvořák: Mass in D, Op. 86 for soloists, mixed chorus, organ, violoncello and two double bassses
(Jan Kalfus – organ, Štěpánka Kutmanová – violoncello, Tomáš Josifko and Zuzana Vojáčková – double bass)

The Brahms – Dvořák – Janáček concert affords the State Opera Chorus the opportunity to showcase their skills by performing a repertoire they are not accustomed to, accompanied by a reduced number of instruments. The programme features Johannes Brahms’s Vier Gesänge, four romantic songs for female choir, two horns and harp (1860); Leoš Janáček’s Our Father for tenor, mixed choir, harp and organ (1901, 1906); and Antonín Dvořák’s Mass in D major, written upon the request of Josef Hlávka, a renowned architect and patron of the arts, for the inauguration of the chapel in his Lužany manor (1887). The mass will be performed in the version with the parts of cellos and double basses, which Dvořák added later.

Approximate running time – 1 hour, 10 minutes no intermission

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State Opera

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